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It's time to EVOLVE: How and Why Trainers Should Adapt to Gen Z

  • January 15, 2021
  • 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Virtual Presentation
  • 37


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It's Time to EVOLVE: How and Why Trainers Should Adapt to Gen Z

They are the most diverse, educated, and tech savvy employees you have ever had, but are you ready to meet their distinct training needs? This interactive session will provide an in-depth overview of Gen Z using the acronym, EVOLVE.

Within each step, participants will be introduced to a key characteristic of this unique generation, and several ways in which we can - and should - adapt training to meet their preferences. This session goes beyond just sharing ideas related to technology, microlearning, and other tips for connecting with these digital natives; it will inspire you to revisit all aspects of your training and other performance improvement initiatives.

Participants will be provided with informative handouts, engage in an activity, and create, personalized, tangible next steps for their programs. Gen Z is going to change the world of work, and the training we all love, forever - are you ready to EVOLVE?

E: (Everyone) Everyone is represented
V: (Virtual) Virtual connections reign
O: (Overwhelmed) Overwhelmed AF (pardon my French - that's Gen Z's language, not mine!)
L: (Leaders) Leaders from the start
V: (Value-focused) Values are stronger than ever
E: (Educated) Educated more than anyone

The oldest Gen Z members are in their early 20s, meaning they are at the cusp of entering the workforce in droves. Training departments are often the first that new employees interact with (whether in person or digitally), meaning it is crucial for us to not only understand Gen Z, but embrace their changing preferences as well. This generation is poised to move quickly from one job to the next; if we don’t start to make changes now, it may be too late to attract and retain this talented group!

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